Pendants & Necklaces

Enhancer, Opal & Lapis

Stunning Black Opal  &  Lapis Lazuli   Fabricated in 14K

Hand-carved Enhancer with trap door back with safety

15 x 60 MM

From the earliest of time Lapis was worn by royalty associated with strength, courage and wisdom.

  Pendant only   $$3,380.

 16″ three-strand Cable chain $1,188.

Enhancer, Opal & Lapis Bail

“Three Moments”

Celebrating your imagination

Honoring your memories

18K, Platinum Bezels

 .88CT Diamonds

31MM Diameter- just under 1 1/4″

Matching ” Three Moments”

Bracelet and Earrings available

P 38   Pendant


11 X 12 MM Tahitian Pearl 14 K yellow Gold 6.5gr

Shimmering iridescence

 11 X 12 MM Baroque Tahitian Pearl

Perfectly set in a Hand cut 14K acorn cap dangling                                                 from a custom Oak Leaf.

Acorns are true nuts these from the Southern Red Oak family.


Be the belle of the ball wearing an exotic pearl from the                                   Pinctada Margaritfera or Black -lip pearl oyster                                                               from French Polynesia.

Although Tahitian Pearls are referred to as Black Pearls                                           they come  in a sea of natural colors as with this peacock beauty.





Hand fabricated, cast leaves and hand engraved.

Flexible and comfortable with hidden links

14K Gold and  Emeralds

Commissioned Custom piece for                                                                                      Habitat for Humanities In “St Croix”




                    Suspended like a tear drop this .48 CT briolette seems                                         to float on it’s 17″ Platinum chain.

                             Originating in the 15th century France the term briolette originated from brignolette or little dried plum.  The cut was invented by the father of modern stone cutting, the Flemish diamontaire and scientist Louis Van Berquem.  

Napoleon brought the style to the forefront by gifting Empress Marie Louise with a necklace containing 10 briolettes diamonds weighing over 40 CT total.

Briolettes are a  stone cutters challenge requiring 64 facets. These multiple angles  play against the light as it moves catching ones eye.


.48 TDW Platinum
9.5MM Tahitian Pearl 2 MM AAA Sapphire .005Ct VS SI 14Kw 1.1.MM wheat chain

Contemporary Tahitian Pearl pendant         topped off with a AAA brilliant blue 2MM Sapphire with VS SI accent diamonds.               The 9.5 MM Tahitian Black Pearl, simply set         in 14 K white Gold, allows its tint, shine and saturation to speak for itself.


accompanied by a 16″ 14K yellow wheat chain $336.

9.5MM Tahitian Pearl 2 MM AAA Sapphire .005Ct VS SI 14Kw 1.1.MM wheat chain

Glorious Hop Fest

Designed and completed for NINA

14k Yellow, and Green Gold Hops                                                                   assorted stones, citrines ,garnets and tsavorites                                  representing the colors of beer and hops



14K Yellow Gold 3mm  Ruby      $465

14K Yellow, $315

Sterling DE-OX $65

Heart Pendant, Leaf Bale Intertwining Leaves

Available in PT,18K,14K, and Sterling Silver


Chain not included