About John David

John David, Designer, Platinumsmith, Goldsmith will work with you to create custom jewelry as inspirational as comfortable. John David’s passion and love for design allow for the integration of freedom, creativity, and precision. His honest approach and time spent with the customer evolve into a simple, elegant yet stylized passage to jewelry designs that reflect that person and their needs.

sunset3_001From inspirational pieces to romantic black pearl solitaires, fine jewelry translates today to comfort, versatility, style, and quality. Mr. Cooney brings over 49 years of experience that represent every aspect of fine jewelry sold. In the 80’s he created “art jewelry” exhibiting at the Smithsonian and with American Crafts in Washington, D.C., San Francisco, and Baltimore. During the 90’s he designed for various jewelry stores in the Caribbean till opening his own doors in Christiansted, St. Croix, USVI. There he acquired a strong clientele as a successful designer and store owner. He was instructive in framing the St. Croix Designing Jewelers Guild, which has proved instructive in defining and protecting the designer’s copyrights throughout the Islands.

Following the love of his life, John David sailed his 1935 wooden boat to the southeast coast of North America, finally settling in Palm Beach County, Florida to focus on a new line in fine jewelry. His incredible range of talent brings the detail of period pieces to life with new materials that will endure for centuries, as his contemporary designs know no boundaries and blend stone and metal into art.