Commissioned Work

Items I have designed and made for clients, want to join?

Photos are of real jewelry designed and made by me. Not CAD photos or Computer Aided Design Photos. What you see is the real thing!
1.48 Total Diamond Weight, Bi-metal 14K

The client wants an antique look

Bi-metal in 14K

1.48 Total Diamond Wieght 

1.48Total Diamond Weight, Bi-metal 14K

Beauty & Elegance

Center Diamond is a 5.03CT Cushen Cut, VS2 G

with GIA report

Diamond Baguette’s accent’s custom cut in bullet shape

Platinum 950, Gallium-Ruthenium 5%

I love doing this!

Platinum 95% Gallium-Ruthenium 5%, Platinum HARD 180 Vickers
Platinum 95% Gallium-Ruthenium 5%, 5.03CT Center diamond with GIA report
Platinum 95% Gallium-Ruthenium 5%, 5.03CT Center diamond with GIA report
Platinum 95% Gallium-Ruthenium 5%, 5.03CT Center diamond with GIA report Custom cut baguettes
re purposing diamonds

These 14K W Earrings have 6.55CT Total Diamond Weight.

Re purposed Tennis bracelet, giving client a hole new look.

4.7 Grams each with a length of 33MM, 1 1/4″

re purposing diamonds

GIA Laser inscription on 3.56CT Emerald Cut Diamond VVS2

Set in Platinum and Gold with .82CT VS Matching Baguettes 

GIA Emerald cut Diamond with matching Baguettes
GIA 3.56CT Emerald cut Diamond
Three GIA VVS Emerald Cut Diamonds
Three Stone Ring PT

Three Stone Ring

4.50CT TDW VVS1&2 G

Set in Platinum 950 PtRu

Size 10

4.50CT GIA VVS172 G





Mens Bracelet in 14K Yellow Gold, 20mm wide, over six ounces of gold. A custom designed link in this extra large size.

men's Heavy Custom Link Bracelet
Detail of box clasp

14K Chain Necklace 17/16″

Carnelian Cabashon

Carnelian Tappered drops

Carnelian Cabochon with tapered drops

Re-Purposed Amethyst

A new look in bracelet form

Raised setting  with a bold pattern

21.5 Grams


This elegant setting was designed with keeping the Old Eouropean Diamond safe. The stone has a very thin girdle making it seseptable to chipping. The brode Leaf prongs support and cover as well as setting the stone very loe in setting. The accent leaves also protect the stone. 

The organic open leaf , vine like desine is in Platinum. It has had the Hot Isostatic Pressing for Platinum group Metals

Natural Un-Heated Pink Sapphitr 6.94CT Surounded by 1.14CT Diamonds. The Sapphire set with claw prongs and the diamonds in a classic Scallop Basket. Platinum has a new alloy, 95% Gallium-Ruthenium 5% This is a hard platinum alloy that offers extra protection against wear. It also has “Hot Isostatic Pressing”

2.00CT Natural Sapphire with GIA report. Accent Diamonds are VS F+ 

Set in Platinum

Platinum Cobalt

Center Diamond Laser Inscripted

1.05Total Diamond Weight

European shank

Before & After

How important is it to you to get it right the first time?

Client had her ring fixes three times before finaly comming to me. I designed a new, durable, comforable eternaty band, Utilizing claw prongs for that extra special look. 6.94CT’s Radient cut Diamonds

Three generations of family diamonds, re set in Platinum. Center Diamond is an Old European VS1 F

Contemporary Half Bezel setting in Platimum.

Hand carved

1.25CT VS Moderm Brilliant Dianond

With two Maching bands, all with Euopean Shanks

Yes she is very happy!

I offen get requests to re set /re design engagement rings. This is one.

    From a gold ring made in the 70’s to a newly designed one of a kind Platinum ring.

 Utilizing the baguettes in a whole new way with a twist on accent diamonds. I introduce design….. 

There we have it! 



      New Platinum mounting, engraved leaf pattern as well as cut outs. Channel set diamonds accents. Sapphire has been re cut for that NEW look. Very durable setting will last generations 

     Old worn setting in yellow gold, Style from the 1970’s


Blue Sapphire, 3.81CT

Diamond accents .30CT 

A new look in Platinum for a great client






Fancy Yellow Diamond with GIA laser inscription, Diamond Bullet accents set in Platinum and 18K

A re purpose from an older GRAFF setting. New design, addition of Diamond Bullets and my artwork

Re designing is just part of what I do, taking the subject and making it better. Breathing life into a dull setting.

My clients love what I do, I do what I love…

Tie Tack

14K Bi metal “Pirate Cutlass”

Late 1800’s model, 2 1/4″ long

Beautiful Round Sapphire, 1.14CT set in Platinum

2.25CT Cushion Cut Sapphire

Diamond Baguette accents

Set in Platinum



3.00CT Center diamond with Tsavorite accents (green garnet)

2.54CT VS F+ set in platinum band


18K Bi-Metal

Hand carved lost wax process
Center Diamond is 1.21CT VS1 H Accents are .14CT Yellow Diamonds
R55,  Size 6.75    SOLD





Wedding set, Hand carved setting

Hand carved ring in 14 K Gold

Fabricated Platinum bezel

1.93CT Total Diamond Weight

.92CT ALEXANDRITE from Madagascar with 100% color change.
A light purple under incandescent light to a rich teal green in natural  light.
Set in Platinum with diamond accents

2.75CT Modern Brilliant Diamond

Set in a simple slide bezel, with hand carved pattern to add interest. 

Making the pendant just a little more elegant

Contemporary Platinum Ring

3.21 CT of Diamonds

27.1 Grams


 Contemporary matching band

1.30CT Princess cut Diamonds channel set in Platinum

European shank, slightly square at base keeping the diamonds up right

Contemporary earrings

14K white gold

  Princess cut diamonds

Ruby    3.14 CT

14K Palladium White Gold

.60 CT accent Diamonds

Three stone ring, with a little extra!

18K Yellow  Gold  7 Grams

2.49 CT Diamonds 

I love doing these tiny leaves set with diamonds,   a distinctive look

“Finger Mate “adjustable shank opening

1.5 X  larger and locking shut

Platinum Cobalt 950

Center diamond has a GIA report, 2.03CT VS2 H. Flanked by two trapezoid diamonds .50CT each, VS G/H and another forty six ideal cut VS E/F diamonds

Set in Platinum Cobalt 950

This is similar to a diamond ruby ring I made, but has a round modern brilliant center stone instead of a Princess cut diamond as well as Sapphire baguettes

3.50CT Center with .90 CT accent diamonds set in platinum

Platinum & Diamonds

Client inherited a diamond ring which was worn and dated.  I designed a whole new look keeping the memories alive.

Every time she looks at this ring she will have fond memories of her mom.

This Platinum Diamond ring was hand carved and fabricated.

One of a kind

Bigger Diamond for existing Platinum ring
I hand carved this ring some five years ago. Having a 1.15CT Princes cut Diamond in it.
Removed princes and top of setting and made a new top in Platinum. Setting a 2.07 Cushion Cut Diamond with a GIA report, VS2 I

The princes cut was illusion set, giving it a bigger look than it was. The now set Cushion Cut fills in all available space, filling the center of the ring. Completing the original desired design.

 Classic Swiss Quartz watch with a 14 K wide link bracelet

Time being unimportant Memories and Heritage being center stage

Client knew exactly what he wanted I created that in gold to be worn every day

Mens ring, 1.65CT Diamond

Keeping in a traditional mens ring but adding a touch of excellence in personalization

Platinum, Diamonds and engraving

Classic Platinum

2.00CT Flawless H

Emerald Cut Diamond, 2.50CT VS2 G, Set in Platinum

This engagement ring has a slightly higher “Head” allowing the wedding band to fit flush against the engagement ring. Wedding band will be next

Also using the EURO shank, slightly squared at the bottom. This adds in the centering of the center stone. The opposing fingers capture the squared shape and assist in keeping the center diamond upright.

One of a kind, designed for “Hop Hearted Designs by Nina”Exclusive!

Hops inspired design in green gold and yellow gold accented by hues of different hops products in citrine and peridot flowing on organic vines moving with the contour of the body, fully adjustable to 3 lengths.

I have designed a full line of Hops inspired jewelry for Nina; our collaboration can be found at


2.15 Sapphire

.26TDW VS G/H accent diamonds

A traditional engagement ring with a big difference.

Center diamond is a 2.73CT flanked by 7MM baguettes .69CT making 3.42 TDW

Has the squared off shank (Euro shank) to keep the large center upright

Set in Platinum

Center Diamond is a VVS2, F color 5.01 CT

These accent Diamonds are Ideal Cut, VS clarity E color

There is a difference!

I think you use too simple terms, this is not just “very good, very manly” this is “awesomely great & unbelievable”! When Dianne & I talked on how this would look I had no idea it would look like this!! If you have not already and can still do it please sign & date it. I look forward on thanking you in person. If you need a place to stay when on Island we have a guest bedroom.
Once I put it on I probably will not take it off.
Thank you so much.


Sometimes I have requests items made from sentimental pieces of jewelry. In this case it was a set of wedding bands and well-worn ring.

The gentleman lives in the islands and it is very popular to have an “Island Bracelet” This is off the beaten track for island bracelets but utilize all the components of my charge. Stabilize quarts gold cabochon and utilize the gold and diamonds from the rings.

This is what I came up with, this is the remark from my client:

1.25 CT
Contemporary half bezels

Back to a traditional wedding set.
These are in platinum

.96 VS E/F Accent Diamonds,
2.21 TDW
Soon to be presented to a Lucky Lady

Mom’s diamond’s have been converted to two matching daughters rings. !4KW with Aquamarine accents

1.51 CT VS G with GIA Certificate
.36 CT VS E/f Accent diamonds

1.71 Center, 1.31 accent
Set in Platinum

Sleek and cleen

Contemporary gold with Sapphire

A new look for clients diamonds, very protected for every day use
Made in 1999 18k yellow gold. 1.69 ct princess cut vsi i gia cert. .43 tdw matching half moons. Brilliant cut diamonds set close together to give this three stone setting a large diamond look
2010 commissioned to make two matching wedding bands
4.30 Sapphire, 1.18 CT Diamonds set in Platinum

Diamonds Diamonds Diamonds
Set to perfection in Platinum

My camera does not do this Burmese Ruby justice
Top of the line, 1.19 CT round
Yellow Gold setting with a Platinum Bezel

Cut outs lighten the ring visually add grace and enhance the Pave’ setting of diamonds
Left side cut out filigree, right side Pave’ set diamonds, capped off dramatically with bezel set diamonds in two distinct sizes. A very distinctive look.
Re-mount in platinum ruthinium

Platinum / Diamond
VVS G 2ct Center
.68/100 Accent Diamonds

She finally said YES
Wedding 9/3/2011
An odd pair of pears

Habitat for Humanities
Fabulous contemporary art nouveau
Fluid and luscious

Diamond ring 18k, center stone 2.18 ct,
Accent diamonds 2.97
5.15 total diamond weight tdw

Birthday dragon fly with “colors of the chakra”

18k palladium, diamonds ……. Nothing like a surprise!
Spectacular new bangle from a tennis bracelet

About 1.5 OZ’S Troy for a very rich feel. Fluid with heavy hinge construction and a push button “Diamond” release

Sapphire, diamonds in 18k
A new look for client’s stones

One piece, diamonds set in 18k
18k Palladium engagement ring. 2.2 ct brilliant center diamond. 14 channel set baguettes. 45 pts tdw. Palladium, a member of the platinum group of metals, used as an alloy will add color, strength and is resistant to chlorine.
Conch pearl, diamonds gold & platinum

A bigger look, diamonds in 18k
Originally a simple Tiffany set diamond band