Rules of Engagement is the obvious title but this is really a Journey together of your Dreams. Whether I work with you via email or in person there are a few guidelines which will assist in making your journey seamless. In order to quote your job I will need specific details, please answer as honestly as possible as my desire is to create what you are dreaming within the constraints of your financial means.

Identify the job whether ring, earring, bracelet or gift idea.

Materials to be used, platinum, 18K yellow gold, rose gold depending on the job, there are materials better suited for certain applications.

Stones and quality of stones: I have many sources for stones all over the world as well as dealers that work specifically with matched pairs or specific cuts and indeed cutters themselves. Although the internet does allow you into our world of sources you should know that attempting to get the best deal without having 47 years of experience in the field may not result in the best outcome for you. I certainly will set your family stones for you and will even evaluate a stone you have purchased but getting back to the goal of achieving your dream for you remember I am putting my name on this piece and want it to be one of excellence as do you. Refer to custom stones payment policy (below).   I am happy to search the jewelers web of stones for you, identify and even source at a fee of $125.p/hr.

Sizing is of utmost importance, this will have an effect on the cost.

Design: if you have a style or concept in mind please send/bring your drawings or pictures, this will be the stepping stone to drawing your piece and arriving at a design within reach.

Privacy: if you want to include all parties in the design process let me know.  IF this is a secret gift I need to know.

Timeline: please understand while every piece is unique some pieces require more time realizing the actual concept in drawing, researching and ordering the stones needed and placement on the schedule board. There is but one of me, I work on each individual piece from start to finish and although I may work on more than one piece at a time there are busier times of the season in Florida. If your timeline is etched in stone give me some leeway, plan ahead we want a successful dream come true.

Drawings are included in the creation of the piece and this is done to achieve the final completed and agreed-upon design. Changes are part of the process ( within reason without charge), once the design is agreed upon your signature and date are required and the design is stamped and scheduled. If a new design is requested at this point a new drawing may be started with a charge of $250. /per design change.  CAD computer-aided design is the next step of the process.  This is done out of the house and a time-related charge will be added to the final cost. the CAD will give you a visual 3D viewing of the design allowing for design modification or enhancement.

Payment agreement at this point depends on all the above factors. Any stones to be ordered will be paid in advance with a deposit of 50% of the job by wire transfer and personal checks from US banks only. All monies to be cleared prior to job initiation. Credit cards are accepted with a 4% charge to the final amount for any miles advantage or Amex cards. All credit card charges are final. Shipping charges may vary depending on location and timeline. Final payment must be cleared before shipping of a product.

Gemstone certification: We recommend Gemological Institute of America (GIA) for any report. We can also get GIA reports for your diamonds or colored stones with laser inscription available, GIA’s cost, shipping, and insurance to be applied. We suggest GIA-certified stones when purchasing, I will indicate what stones come with certification. If you bring in your own stone and wish for us to have it certified we will send it to GIA for certification at a cost to you, shipping and insurance charges to be applied.

Laser inscription is also available this will further identify your stone for the future as well as insurance purposes. Lab fees as well as shipping and insurance will apply.

Appraisal: While we can provide you with our in house appraisal for free we recommend you have an independent professional appraiser provide you with a report for your personal knowledge and your insurance company. We use an ASA accredited appraiser as we believe that keeping up with the industry standards is necessary in a changing world of resources. Most appraisers have completed their Gemology graduate courses however as members of ASA ( American Society of Appraisers ) they must reevaluate and test on a regular basis in order to keep up with the industry changes. We can request an appraisal for you to be completed for final delivery, your payment to the appraiser is independent of our company. We use Virginia Utley who is highly regarded in the Palm Beach area, we urge you to research her credentials as well as verify her ASA status.  561 691-4649 Virginia@palmbeachappraisals.com

Custom Stones payment policy: Stones ordered for a job on memo will have a window of time for review, after that date the stones must be returned or assumed accepted and paid in full. There are occasionally stone dealers which require full payment prior to shipping again with a given time to accept or reject the stone. In the event the stone is rejected monies will be applied towards the next stone. The customer is responsible for shipping charges both ways for stones requested for review – the final selected stone cost of shipping will be waived. No stone signed and agreed as part of the custom design will be returned or credited.

Returns: Custom work is not refundable or exchanged. Stock items may be returned for instore credit as long as they are returned unused and in perfect condition, any appraisals or certificates pertaining to the sale must accompany the item. If you have had the custom piece altered or worked on by anyone other than myself and you are not satisfied ( not surprisingly) and have brought it back to me I will review with you your options however at this point the initial warranty is null and the repair work will be at your expense, always within reason.

Insurance: Your jewelry is safe with us, we are fully insured with Jewelers Mutual. Please remember when bringing in repairs to also bring your appraisals and certificates. In the event you are aware of any enhancements or inclusions please state so. We are not responsible for work done on any fracture filled, enhanced or treated stones.

We suggest you insure your custom work pieces, this will require an appraisal.


Warranty: My name is my reputation and I offer a warranty on all custom work with my name on it. The piece you receive has been personally made with the highest quality materials assembled at times with many parts and with many processes involved. If you receive a piece that is damaged or has lost a stone please contact me immediately, all melee is guaranteed not to fall out. If you send it back for evaluation we will examine the damage and if it is our defect I will remedy for you and return it immediately with shipping charges waived. In the event of the loss of the primary stone please notify your insurance company and we will work together to replace it. If the damage is due to a major blow or excessive wear and tear WE will discuss the remedy and the item will be repaired at the client’s expense including shipping charges. . If you have had our custom piece altered or worked on by anyone other than myself and you are not satisfied ( not surprisingly) and have brought it back to me I will review with you your options however at this point the initial warranty is null and the repair work will be at your expense always within reason.

Periodic inspection is a must, making sure your item is in good shape, at least once a year, checking for prong wear, loose stones or just general cleaning, etc.

General policy: The store is open Monday thru Friday from 10:AM -5:PM and Saturday 11; AM to 4:PM. For those of you who are just meeting me via the internet, I am located in Florida. Our busy time is November thru June so if we are redesigning your entire wardrobe, summer is the best time to leisurely take apart older pieces and make something spectacularly new. If you are planning on popping the question and need an engagement ring let me know as soon as possible. I am good at bringing ideas to life. I have stock items for sale in-store that are not on the website. I love what I do, it shows. Let me make that something special for you.



What does Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) do for Platinum and Palladium Castings?

  • Eliminates sub-surface porosity
  • Makes platinum & palladium measurably stronger and more ductile due to the increased density
  • Improves the speed and quality of bench operations through denser and more uniform microstructure
  • Provides a more durable product for the consumer

HIP, or “hot isostatic pressing” is a high-pressure thermal treatment that is commonly used on investment castings in quality-critical industries such as medical and aerospace. The HIP process involves placing the castings into a high-pressure vessel for a specified period of time with inert gas applying pressure at elevated temperatures. The result is densification, which happens when the metal’s creep resistance is surpassed and plastic flow enables the surrounding material to move into sub–surface voids. Time at temperature allows diffusional bonding to occur, which eliminates internal porosity.

Below are magnified images of ring cross sections showing the interior of a typical 950 PtRu casting before and after HIP. As one can easily see, almost no porosity is left after the HIP treatment.



950 PlRu cross-section as-cast

(50x magnification)

950 PlRu cross-section with HIP

( 50x magnification)