Avalable with alternative stones, Diamonds, Ruby, Sapphire, etc.

“Three Moments”

In your life

Earrings, Pendant, Bracelet

Available with or without stones

14K & Sterling bracelet     $785


“Three Moments” 

Three moments in your life to be celebrated

14K Gold linke with De-OX Sterling Silver

Avalable in Bi Metal as well as Gold

14K & DE-OX Sterling $795

Disks are 1.25″ diamiter, 7 3/4″ long

Art Nouveau influence

Hinged bracelet

Flowing Leaves

Available in 7″      

 7 -7/16th”,

7 -13/16th”

14 K Gold         $3500

Silver                  $600


Linked DE-OX Sterling Silver with flowing  leaf pattern

6MM Turquoise cabochon’s

14K Yellow

B-40  Sterling Gold & Turquoise $1050

B-40 All Sterling with Turquoise $$750

B-40 All Gold, Choice of stones, Please Call