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14K YELLOW GOLD SUNDIAL, .10 PT DIAMOND. ASTRONOMICAL RING DIALS ARE ANCIENT TIMES PIECES WIDELY USED WELL INTO THE 18TH CENTURY.  THESE DIALS ARE ACTUALLY MINIATURE FOLDING ARMILARY SPHERES A GLOBE OF THE WORLD CONSISTING OF RINGS REPRESENTING CONSTELLATIONS AND IMAGINARY CIRCLES AROUND THE EARTH. Face consists of hand engraved design. Inner dial is just like a clock with Roman Numerals. Back pf Sundial consists of Latitude adjustment and opening sphere button. First adjust your latitude, noting the large arrow in the bail, and the "0" to "90" representing latitudes on outer ring dial. Holding the ring, you can slide the bail left or right. Point the arrow in the bail at your respective latitude. San Francisco 37.7N, New York 40.7N, Seattle 47.6N. Now open the dial into a sphere by pushing the small raised button on the back of the dial. Separating the outer dial from the inner dial. There is a stop when it is fully open, appearing as a sphere.  Point the diamond end of the GNOMON, the arrow like bar going through the sundial to the North. Adjusting the latitude you have already set celestial North for the Nomen so we are ready to red the sundial. Outside under the sun, look for the small shade from the GNOMON on the inner dial with the Roman Numerals. this will give you the time. There is a 15 minute variable for Solar Time

Sundial does NOT include chain


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