I work with great stone dealers so color and cut can be a rainbow for gemstones.  I am respectful of the war-torn areas of conflict and source elsewhere.  Finding the right natural coral and turquoise is a real exploration of the planet, consider it special. I constantly search for conch pearls, a precious gem of the deep sea.  For those who wish to forego the conflict, there are alternatives, particularly now that man-made diamonds are accessible. 

Rubellite 2.49CT Triad 14K yellow Gold Leaf 42MM Dangle

Tourmaline yes but not all red Tourmalines deserve to be called Rubellite. This vivid 2.49 CT triad illustrates how special a red Tourmaline can be. Both the color and cut of this stone come close to a ruby but of course much more affordable. Set in a warm 14K yellow Gold embrace of leaves measuring overall at 42MM with comfortable Omega backs at only $3415.

Rubellite 2.49 CT Triad 14 K yellow Gold Leaf 42MM Dangle
Sapphire & Lab grown Diamond Comet Earrings E28

.90 CT Blue Intense Sapphire, like the Earth in space, encircled by three spiraling comets of dazzling brilliant 1.267 CT Lab grown Diamonds set in 14K white Gold. The earrings, a 13 MM dome which allows light to reflect, clip snugly with hinged Omega backs. $3595.

Sapphire & Lab grown Diamond Comet Earrings E28
Natural Ruby & Lab grown Diamond Comet Earrings E28
Natural Ruby & Lab grown Diamond Comet Earrings E28

1.16 CT Natural Ruby, heated. Like the Sun in space, encircled by three spiraling comets of dazzling brilliant 1.26 CT Lab-grown Diamonds set in 14K Yellow Gold. The earrings, a 13 MM dome that allows light to reflect, clip snugly with hinged Omega backs.


Tahitian Black Pearl Earrings
11MM Pearls  

14K white Gold  

12 accent Diamonds .09CT VS F
Pave set.

These hand-carved earrings have a hinged back Leaver that clicks in place.
30MM long, 1 3/16 inch



Lapis Lazuli drops

14K Click shut hinged earrings

Lapis is 20 x 6 MM 46MM overall length

Dating back to the 7th millennium BC Lapis has been mined and valued for its rich color and glitter, the blue of the sky and the golden glitter of the sun.  By the Middle Ages it was ground into powder making the finest and most expensive pigments in paint called ultramarine blue selling for well over $1000. per pound. Paintings that come to mind are Starry Night Vicent Van Gogh, Girl with the Pearl Earring Vermeer and Bachus and Ariade by Titian.

E 25-3-2



 Cream 12MM


Diamond accents

John’s “Click Shut” Hinged Lever Backs


Tahitian 10 MM Pearls 14K yellow gold E24

Shimmering iridescence in these 10 MM baroque Tahitian Pearls perfectly set in Hand cut 14K acorn caps dangling from a custom Oak Leaf designed Huggie. Acorns are true nuts these from the Southern Red Oak family. $2725.
Be the belle of the ball wearing exotic pearls from the Pinctada Margaritfera or Black -lip pearl oyster from French Polynesia. Although Tahitian Pearls are referred to as Black pearls they come in a sea of natural colors as with these peacock beauties.

Tahitian 10 MM Pearls 14K yellow gold E24

I like to call these “Ying-Yang

14KW .30CT Diamonds VS E/F

Click shut hinged backs 28MM long (1 1/8″)

Diameter of 10.5MM




New Oak Leaf hinged hoops

 Click shut, 3.5Grams each  

14K gold   12.5MM diameter, 3.5MM base width


E-25 -3-3


Deco influenced

14K White Gold

 VS F/G  Diamonds

47MM Long (about 1 7/8″)




Contemporary shape

“Hinged Click Shut Style” Earrings

 14K Yellow

Nephrite Jade Drops 22x7MM

Length overall, 49MM



Small Oak Leaf hinged hoops  Click shut

3.5 Grams each, not too heavy but substantial 

14K gold, 12.5MM diameter, 3.5MM base width.

E-24-S 14K


Citrine  9 MM Triads

14K Yellow Gold

A per GIA, Gemological Institute of America, most citrine is very rare in Nature confused with Topaz or passed off as heat-treated amethyst. Natural citrine crystals are found in the Ural Mts. of Russia, Kazakhstan and Madagascar. 

Throughout history it has been referred to as the “merchants stone”. 

Posts with Omega Backs 2.25″ length




Dangling  cascade of leaves

14K White Gold

2.25″ overall length

.85 CT TDW




“Three Moments” Let your imagination take you there…

Earrings Matching our Pendant and Bracelet

De Ox Sterling Silver  & 14 K links

Posts with Omega backs 1.1/4″   overall length


E 38

 SS-Carnelian Drops

Drops are 26x6Mm

Length Over All 57MM

A member of the Chalcedony family Carnelian is sometimes

referred to as Bloodstone due to its high iron content.

It promotes vitality and strengthens the immune system,

protecting against toxins in the blood system. 

Ancient Egyptians referred to Carnelians as the “Setting Sun”

worn to enhance desire, love and passion.


Out of stock


Green Aventurine

20x6Mm drops

Overall length is 47MM

Adventurine , similar to goldstone may have a whimsical glitter, 

but is known for its relation to the Heart Chakra fostering an emotional as well as  healing vibration. Ancient civilizations believed the stone to be a symbol of wealth prosperity and power, a stone of possibility.


E 26

Hibiscus Earrings Small 14 K Gold

With French ear wires 5/8″    


E24 SS

Hibiscus Earrings Petite 14 K Gold

Heavy 6mm friction backs 1/2″        in stock


E 24 P