I work with great stone dealers so color and cut can be a rainbow for gemstones and I am respectful of the war torn areas of conflict.  Finding the right natural coral and turquoise is a real search of the planet, consider it special. I constantly search for conch pearls, a precious gem of the deep.  For those who wish to forego the conflict there are alternatives, especially now that man made diamonds are accessible. 


    14K Yellow Gold E-25 with Turquoise drops, 22x9MM Over all length, 48MM. 5.8 Grams each One pair available, $740.00
            Lapis Lazuli drops on E-25 14K Click shut, hinged earrings Lapis is 20 x 6 MM 46MM overall length two pairs available, $680.
    14K Earrings, E25 with Yellow Agate, high dome cabochons One available for $660
I like to call these “Ying-Yang” These are in 14KW .23CT Diamonds Click shut hinged backs 28MM long (1 1/8″)

Diameter of 10.5MM

R-7    $1300

    Aqua Marine Briolette’s 8.09CT E25 hinged, click shut 14k Earring base. Only pair of Aqua’s, $4,230
New earrings Oak Leaf hinged hoops. Click shut, 3.5Grams each,  14K gold, 12.5MM diameter, 3.5MM base width. E-25 14K  Available at $490.
    Deco influenced 14K White Gold .58 CT VS F/G  Diamonds 47MM Long (about 1 7/8″) E-17-3-2        $3100
    14K Earrings E-24 Carnelian Bullets 30 x 3.4MM, actual length is 55 MM Three available $595.  
New earrings, 6-2018 Small Oak Leaf hinged hoops. Click shut, 3.5 Grams each, not too heavy but substantial. 14K gold, 12.5MM diameter, 3.5MM base width. E-24 14K AVAILABLE at $490.
    Hand engraved cast in 14K Shephards hook .46CT VS E/F Pear Diamonds
        Available in assorted stones and metals E-22  without stones $650. E-22 as seen Pear Diamonds .
      Emerald Green Tourmaline brilliant cut 9 MM triads set in 14K, Omega back with posts Dangling  cascade of leaves 2.25″ overall length E23       $1500.          Sold Available in assorted stones and metals

Citrine, 9 MM Triads set in 14K Yellow Gold

Posts with Omega Backs 2.25″ length E23-Citrine  $1300

      Dangling  cascade of leaves 14K White Gold 2.25″ overall length .85 CT TDW E23-3-2            $3200
“Three Moments”  Earrings Matching our Pendant and Bracelet Let your imagination take you there De Ox Silver with 14 K link Posts with Omega backs 1.1/4″   overall length E 38    $
      The base earring, for many variations E-25 These are E-25ss Dangle, 48MM long Sterling DeOx .935 $120.
      Sterling DeOx .935 “Click shut” hinged earrings E-25ss Carnelian, 55 MM overall length One available at $200
      Hinged, click shut E-25 with Jadeite 34 x 6 MM, 63MM overall length. One Pair available, $$160. ———————SOLD———-  
Hibiscus Earrings Small 14 K Gold     5/8″ E-24S           $440
Hibiscus Earrings Petite 14 K Gold    1/2″ E24P           $370
Hibiscus Earrings, Hand carved masters, inspierd while living in St. Croix. Large 1″, Mediun 7/8″, Small 5/8″ and Petit 1/2″Avalable in 18K,14K,ans DeOx Sterling
Medium 1″ DeOx Sterling Earrings,  French wires E24L  $82
Medium  7/8″ DeOx Sterling Earrings,  French wires E24L  $48
Small  5/8″ DeOx Sterling Earrings,  French wires E24L  $46
Petit  1/2″ DeOx Sterling Earrings,  French wires E24L  $45